The word “Cafayate” means “burial place for all sorrows” in the Cacana language. Cafayate is the living heart of the Salteñan wine culture and industry. There certainly is something to the town, with its 19th century church, its streets lined with trees and its spacious houses. However, all the charm is in the surrounding vineyards and wineries, where life teems and the renowned Torrontés wine is born.
To reach this Bacchus’ land, you should follow the road that runs alongside the Conchas river, also called Calchaquí river in other places. There are no villages or hamlets for miles. Alemanía, which seems to relieve the monotony, is actually deserted – like a ghost town.  However, the main attractions are the road itself and the curious shapes moulded by erosion along the way: the Frog, the Friar, the Obelisk, the Devil’s Throat (which is worth a stop and some climbing), the Amphitheatre and the Castles.
Visiting a winery helps us understand the complicated process that transforms grapes into wine and turns out to be an excellent opportunity for tasting different varieties, crops and vintages.