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Your chance to travel deeper into Salta’s territory

Over twenty years ago, Darío Felipe Arias and Graciela Iturrieta de Arias decided to try the experience of rural tourism. Both of them were fond of history and sought to guard national traditions and the gaucho culture, so they invited guests to really get to know Argentina’s countryside by opening the doors of their own house and the palisade gates of an authentic working estate.

Nowadays, one of their ten offspring, Agustín, and his wife, María Solá Usandivaras, are in charge of continuing the family legacy which combines hospitality, excellent service and the love of the land, qualities that pervade the service which guests receive.

Indeed, Agustín and María go out of their way to pass the cultural and historical heritage of the province to their guests and also to give them the best tips to really get to know the north of the country. They always recommend which villages to visit, what to eat, where to buy the nicest handicrafts, and how to find the most renowned artists of the area, as well as many other local secrets.

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